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May 26, 2023

Heartwarming Mother’s Day celebration was organised at GIIS Dubai!

Students of Pre-KG and Kindergarten at GIIS Dubai came together to celebrate Mother’s Day. The atmosphere was filled with joy and gratitude as the little ones came together to celebrate the day with their mother.


The creative young learners poured their love and soul into crafting unique handcrafted cards to express their gratitude and love for their mothers.


The children wrote down heartfelt messages and sang beautiful tunes dedicated to their mothers. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and overwhelmed mothers who witnessed the love. 


The gesture of handmade cards not only demonstrated the children’s creativity but also taught them the importance of expressing love and gratitude. The celebration of Mother’s Day at GIIS, Dubai left a profound impact on the mothers who were a part of the day. It served as a powerful reminder of the incredible influence mothers have on shaping the lives of their children. The celebration not only strengthened the bond between the children and mothers but also showcased the nurturing environment of GIIS, Dubai.


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