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October 26, 2021

Global Schools Foundation Turns 20 - Inauguration Ceremony

To mark the occasion of 20 years of Global Schools Foundation GIIS Dubai celebrated this beautiful moment on 18th October 2021 with vibrant energy to embellish us all together. GIIS has been delivering exceptional brilliance in education and significantly contributing to the multidimensional growth of our students to be universally influential and globally competitive. It is a gratifying experience to look back and count the blessings as the Foundation advance with the celebrations of twenty years of existence. The program started with full of exuberance, excitement and created memories for all. A beautiful, energetic and vibrant dance performance with Diyas (lamps)  was performed by grades 2 to 8 that depicted amalgamation of perseverance, motivation and success followed by an official inauguration of the program by lighting the lamp. This occasion was graced by our chief guest Mr. Bhagawan Singh Mehta who is the first parent of GIIS Dubai. Among the dignitaries were Senior Director of Operations, Mr. Amol Vaidya, Principal of GIIS Dubai Mr. Antony Koshy, Senior Academic Supervisor Ms. Jaya Ramesh and Kindergarten Supervisor Ms. Anjum Ali. 

The idea of starting the foundation of an educational institution planted as a sapling wouldn’t have had grown into a large tree without the support of the Chairman Mr. Atul Temurnikar and Chief Deputy CEO Mr. Rajiv Katyal. They graced the occasion with a virtual speech and shared their inspiring thoughts. The program was enhanced by the nightingales of grades 2 to 10 who sang and played instruments to our hearts content. The dance show that concluded this beautiful ceremony left many spell bound, as the talented young students gave their best to make it memorable. The inauguration  ceremony ended with vote of thanks given my the School Head girl Heer Shah. The day ended with a wonderful vibe and received a lot of appreciation from the near and dear ones.?

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