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April 01, 2021

Developing a spirit of enquiry through Science lessons

Science provides an opportunity for children to explore, discover and take on everyday challenges. Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL) describes an environment in which learning is driven by a process of inquiry owned by the student.

“Enquiry-Based Learning inspires students to learn for themselves, bringing a real research-orientated approach to the subject.”  - Dr. Bill Hutchings

Students are given a scenario under the capable guidance of a facilitator. They are expected to identify the problems and questions. Students list out the resources needed to research the topic. They gain knowledge and experience which is more readily retained as it has been acquired in relation to a real problem. EBL covers a spectrum of approaches, 

At GIIS Dubai we promote EBL where lessons are student-centric with emphasis on hands-on learning, group work and collaboration. Each day is filled with hands-on activities which keep students thrilled and engaged at all times. 

Many activities are planned for students throughout the year where they get enough opportunities to showcase their analytical thinking. One of the many examples is the Science Week which is organized each year with full enthusiasm and where students get a chance to participate in various activities. It’s a Science carnival where classes and corridors are bustling with activities, explorations and adventures. 

Teachers are the facilitators who provide the environment for independent learning, and guide students to take ownership of their own learning. Effective questioning, critical thinking, reasoning, investigations can be witnessed across all the grade levels. It’s wonderful to see budding scientists enjoying the learning process and sharing their findings while having meaningful discussions. 

Students develop skills where they not only investigate tasks given to them but also formulate their own research topics to gain useful knowledge and expertise. Students are excited as they develop their own working patterns within the time constraints and bring in a flexible approach to their learning. 

At GIIS Dubai we equip students with skills which are much needed for the 21st century in order to communicate and work alongside the global community. EBL enhances Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity. Through this approach students share thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions.

With self-directed learning, students acquire key skills for postgraduate study, research papers and publications. We are actually preparing them for a brilliant future. 

Modern learning is all about real life experiences, knowledge sharing and a practical approach towards topics so as to accommodate new concerns and build upon new opportunities. 

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” (Benjamin Franklin).



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