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November 28, 2018

Bake sale teaches students to start small, dream big


DUBAI, 22 NOVEMBER, 2018: Kindergarten students participated in the bake sale as part of the 'Start Small, Dream Big'  initiative that invites the youngest members of our community to give back in their own little way.  

The "sell-ebration" witnessed the young entrepreneurs setting up mini stalls and booths in school where baked cookies, muffins, cakes, pizza were sold. Students enjoyed purchasing their favorite baked items, while the transactions taught them about dealing with currency of various denominations.

The real objective was to teach children about the art of generosity "the giving process”. Getting the children involved in the hands-on process made the experience so much more rewarding and meaningful. These snacks were for more than just items for a little bake sale. They were sold to help raise money for a noble cause.

The experience is enriching in itself for the young minds and at the same time a very heartwarming to watch them execute the concept.

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