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GIIS Team September 11, 2018

How is 21st century school building different from traditional school?



 According to the Association for Talent Development, where you learn is nearly as important as what you're learning. Evoking good or positive feelings actually help learning to take place, increase motivation, inspire confidence and make everything seem easier. Placing your child in a school that cares about the look and feel of the campus can actually assist them in excelling academically.

The Importance of Campus Design

It's human nature to appreciate beautiful things -- like the newly designed GIIS SMART Campus. If it's a strong first impression that moves you, you'll love the GIIS SMART Campus at Punggol.

This grass-and-tree lined campus, nestled snugly within the 50 ha of Punggol's new Digital District, will have access to innovative architecture, designed to mimic nature. The campus has been brought to life by some of the world's best architects, and features open-space classrooms, student group rooms and a variety of studios for students to enjoy. Fixed glass and translucent building materials allow tons of natural light to enter and to inspire.


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An Eco-Friendly Campus

And nobody knows that better than the planners, designers and builders of the GIIS SMART Campus. Built to encourage a sustainable future, the campus is situated in the heart of Punggol - the innovative community of tomorrow. Designed to be eco-friendly, green and to provide an aesthetically pleasing area for students, businesses and patrons to mingle, this area includes open access to Punggol Waterway Park and to the up-and-coming residential area of Punggol Point. Elegantly paved pathways, towering shade trees and acres of green grass await visitors, employees and students who use the campus and its surrounding 50 ha of innovative space.


Student Learning Commons at Smart Campus

The Right Choice for You

If you're currently considering enrolling your child in school, look no further than the new GIIS SMART Campus at Punggol. Innovative, and with the 21st century in mind, the campus utilises smart technology to link students to classrooms and instruction around the globe. Featuring outdoor learning and play areas, gardens and collaborative spaces for both students and teachers, the new campus is designed with both nature and nurture in mind. Add to that all the exciting amenities a smart campus offers, such as high-speed networking, smart toilets, a school transport app and an IT Lab, and you have a campus that's future-ready and conducive to learning.


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