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GIIS Team July 30, 2018

How a good primary education can help all-round development of students

In the words of the author, Jess Lair, "Children are not things to be moulded, but are people to be unfolded." Every child is talented in his own way. This belief is the basis of the Primary Programme at GIIS which aims to provide maximum exposure to students not only in academics but in multiple talent areas.

Recently, two students from GIIS Singapore, Malhar Kulkarni and Aaryan Modi, were selected in the 13&U, Boys Division of Singapore National Squad for the upcoming Australian Indoor Cricket National Championship and Indoor Cricket World Cup 2018. 

Last year, Rishicharan Nagesh of Grade 6, won a local merit award for his innovative idea on a solar panel project that collects water and generates electricity simultaneously.  

These students are a testimony to how right balancing between academics, sports and co-curricular activities can help students achieve much more beyond classroom studying. GIIS does this in a well-thought out way. 


GIIS Primary Programme is structured to follow a three-pronged approach focusing on academics, add-ons and activities which ensures learning is fun and interactive, and add value to the learning journey.

Educators need to ensure that the rigour of academics does not curb the love of learning among curious young minds. Subjects like maths and science can be made fun to learn, which is what GIIS does in its Primary Programme. As the students' knowledge increases, the school increases the intensity of the teaching process. Using spiral learning method, the school takes the learning on a higher plane, as well as drills it at a deeper level, so that students have fully understood the concepts.

Additional learning resources are provided to students as value add-ons. STEM, HeyMath! and Detailed Assessment are universally acclaimed methodologies which add an extra edge to a student's learning journey. GIIS provides these experimental learning methods at no extra cost. The school also conducts bootcamps and workshops on coding, innovation, robotics etc., which gives students knowledge that is beneficial for them in the 21st century. 

Lastly, is the initiation through sports. In GIIS, 40% time of a school week is dedicated to sports and physical education. Talented students get special coaching under the Gold Squad programme to help them participate at an international level in sports like badminton, cricket, soccer, tennis and basketball.


A typical primary school day in GIIS is split into 60-40 between academics, sports and co-curricular activities. This ensures that students get ample time and opportunity to discover and develop their passion in areas beyond the curriculum, and at the same time stay focused on academics.


Such well-thought out process has its own merits.

  • Students retain their curiosity for knowledge as Value Add-on programmes develop their spark for learning new things.
  • Happiness index among students in high, as spiral learning method eliminates pressure points and makes learning fun.
  • Students love for sports makes them healthy and confident, building their team spirit and camaraderie
  • Connecting students to programmes like Eco Club, cultural integration programmes, leadership workshops teach them to think about global issues and be active participants for causes of global scale, thus effectively making them Global Citizens. 


The Primary Programme follows a multi-faceted approach to bring the best in every child. It is a thoughtfully designed approach that helps the primary class students develop as all-rounded individuals, ready to face the challenges of NextGen learning.

The Primary Programme in GIIS is offered at the East Coast Campus and SMART Campus at Punggol. Both the campuses are equipped with excellent facilities to provide a congenial atmosphere for carrying the multiple activities entailed under the Primary Programme. 

To know more about the Primary education at GIIS SMART Campus, click here. You can also connect with our counsellors virtually. Book an online meeting by clicking here.

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