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Anupama Monga
Anupama Monga March 29, 2021

What is Change Management and the Big Shift in GIIS?


Nothing stays the same. Managing change is now more important now than ever.

Today, in this fast-paced, unpredictable world, not only is change inevitable, it is happening more quickly than ever before. It is becoming a way of life.

The fast moving and long lasting change this year has been in education. GIIS has gone through a transformational change in the last one year.

The pandemic has changed everyone irrevocably. The teachers and students have adjusted and created new learning adjustments to ensure that learning creates a special niche in our learning continuum.

The teachers have made changes for themselves and learnt to develop skills beyond their previous capacities. All teachers stretched themselves to develop a learning style that has benefitted the learning community. The training in technological advancement has helped teachers to use and apply all this for the benefit of the students. The teachers have developed confidence over the last few years, a change that has been most welcome and desired. The use of Quizzes, Padlet, Google forms has helped teachers to use technology to identify levels of progress in students

The students of GIIS have also progressed immensely - a welcome change. They have grown in independence, in self-sufficiency and taking responsibility for their own learning. The students during the pandemic have matured beyond our expectations. They have been the most resilient and persevering to the change. GIIS takes pride in hosting children who have learnt skills, participated and won in competitions, attended Student conferences, participated in Entrepreneurship and Leadership programs.


The greatest change that is life changing and monumental in the life of all GIIS has been the decision to change the Campus from Barsha to Al Meydan

Normal may in fact be a thing of the past:

Given the magnitude, depth and far-reaching impact of the Big Shift, brevity is a challenge.  At the highest level, we would characterize the Big Shift as moving from a world of known to unknown. In other words, given the growing uncertainty around us, we must master a new set of techniques required to access, attract and accumulate experiences to unleash learning in far more flexible ways than conventional learning permits.

We are looking to focus on transferring knowledge more efficiently in the new setting. The Big Shift focuses on the ability to transform challenge into opportunity. This will ultimately require a profound rethinking of our institutional architectures and daily practices

In fact, three levels of pull access, attract, and achieve are becoming increasingly central to our personal and professional success at GIIS.

The emphasis on the pivotal role of the individual in catalyzing the next wave of institutional changes helps to remind us that the difficult but rewarding journey ahead begins with each of us.

 If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.

As challenging and difficult as it may be, and as resistant we are to it, we have to learn to manage change. Bidding adieu to the old campus was heartbreaking for all, but we feel we are soaring towards the New Campus with alacrity and excitement. I am sure everyone is curious about what the new campus will bring.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-23 at 2.07.19 PM (4)

Here is what it will bring- learning areas- Lil Carousel for young learners of Grades 1 and 2, the Civil Defence area with a fire Station, Police station, a pharmacy and a retail store . This will help students to learn about safety and norms and rules to be followed. Math and science focus in Retail and Pharmacy will ensure real life links to be imbibed and absorbed by young learners. A lego wall will ensure the students develop and learn that creativity is indeed the highest level of learning.

The Culinary lab will be the hub of Life Skill development-. Innovatively named as Ratatouille Sous Chefs the students will explore table setting, placing orders, cooking  and serving as a part of their Math and science focus. Innovatively planned activities will keep students engaged  and invested in their learning.

The beautifully planned Art Rooms, Dance Room, Music Rooms, GCIE- STEM room,  Science Labs, Library and drama Room and reading niches are sure to take your breath away.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-23 at 2.07.22 PM (2)

So prepare to be captivated, enthralled and charmed by a campus that has been set up lovingly and creatively

Not to forget the playing fields and swimming pools that will be a highlight of a school day

Most of us are comfortable with the known and uncomfortable with the unknown.

It is in our best interests, however, to learn to accept change - even embrace it and welcome its challenges.

We can even come to terms with the fact that change can actually be good for us since it helps us develop and encourages us to grow

What will continue to shift is the learning, change ,and the ever changing topography of a dynamic and  beautiful learning institution. This is what will immortalize GIIS- the Sustainable school and the Futuristic school that the students themselves will create and design. A school that will be of the students, for the students and by the students!  The students will continue to be the centre of our universe!

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