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Ms.Surya Vignesh
Ms.Surya Vignesh March 03, 2021

How 21st Century School Building is Different from Traditional School


There is always a right time to initiate the right thought. Stepping into the 21st century, to experience the next generation teaching and learning is always a matter of curiosity for educators and learners. The impact of introducing skill based learning has begun to showcase the development of student knowledge in solving the real life challenges from the late 20th century. This leads to the thought of extending the classroom learning to a wider space.

The environment where learning happens is as important as the content that is being taught. Educational spaces play a major role in changing strategies of teaching to adapt and follow the next generation skill. GIIS Abu Dhabi nurtures students to be the leaders by molding them into conversant global citizens by adapting into a methodology that meets the demands of 21st century


The campus is malleable for introducing modern approaches when it comes to student skill development. Few examples are the launching of makerspace and learning space corners, completely equipped STEAM LAB, NIKON photography lab etc.

Beyond Conventional Classrooms

Classrooms and learning spaces are vital elements in a students life for skill development, it should be modeled to accommodate the modern educational requirements. A large part of the students day is spent within the school space where they learn, interact, share and familiarize with the future.

The Abu Dhabi Smart campus is well known for the infrastructure that facilitates student learning through collaboration providing opportunities to develop the talents not just in academics, as well in sport, art, music, dance, drama and steam. We understand that going beyond traditional classrooms, must have learning spaces that could boost, engage and support student learning. The wide spectrum of spaces within the campus ensures quality learning in a multicultural and diverse environment giving a more definitive alternative to traditional classrooms.


The smart methodology of using the existing spaces into an interactive learning environment has always helped education in GIIS Abu Dhabi to meet the standards of next generation. The integration and modification of active learning zones occur every year in order to habituate to the modern teaching and learning methodologies where our students feel confident to explore more into the subjects through the opportunities while collaborating and socializing with their peers.

Enhanced Campus Design

Beginning from the Early Year Classrooms, the kindergarten provides a vibrant, fun filled learning environment with differentiated learning corners focusing the multiple intelligence level of every student. The infrastructure of the campus is designed to welcome the fresher to the campus with colorful corridors and bright interiors.

The SMART campus building in Abu Dhabi is designed with different themes to provide 21st century skill learning such as the challenge to the changing world, impact of latest technology, easy accessibility to education, sustainability, safety and comfort, stakeholders inputs, learning tool facilities and quality. The flexibility to adapt to the future is a key factor for the development of next generation school building. The demand of flexibility applies to the ability to change the facilities with the pedagogical needs and innovations. The campus has incorporated enhanced learning spaces to make students more proactive and resourceful for welcoming the new opportunities and challenges of the future. Some of the enrichments include Montessori Lab, Kindergarten Library, Eco friendly Garden, Swimming pool, STEAM lab, Maker Space, Art room, Dance and Drama room, Music studio, Multi-Purpose Theatre Hall, Information and Technology lab, Photography learning studio, Radio and Podcasting Centre. Each and every learning corner and space within the building is enhanced every year with the addition of latest technology services and products to provide the facilities that are needed for the 21st century skills.

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Building as a learning tool

The design and shape of the building facilitates teaching learning in many different ways. The environmentally friendly building is an example of the importance of nature and how to lead a friendly lifestyle in collaboration with the environment. The other factors such as the air circulation, temperature, noise, color and lighting of the interiors adds value to the learning styles and skill development of a child.

The interior spaces play a vital role in the developing the scholastic and co scholastic skills of the students. The campus interiors are designed in line with innovation and technology, where it is also ensured that the social and emotional development is complemented through nature friendly spaces. Reading corners at the entrance of every wing, student assembly spaces which are designed and functioned with easy accessibility are also some of the key highlights.

Being one of the best infrastructure school in UAE, the campus focus on providing innovative solutions utilizing smart technologies within and outside the classrooms premises to bring skill development in every student through differentiated learning spaces. The zones and spaces outside the classroom such as the theme based safety play areas, subject collaborated learning spaces like the STEAM lab, Art room and ICT lab is adapted to the necessity for providing skills which can be taught and learned out of the textbooks. Adding value to the outstanding infrastructure and the treasured learning spaces, the availability of high speed internet facility, escalators and washrooms for differently abled students and staffs, smart transportation system provides a future ready school for the 21st century students. 

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