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Reecha Kumar
Reecha Kumar February 05, 2021

Fostering Global Outlook Among Students at GIIS

At Global Indian International School in Singapore, we believe that it is our duty to provide every student with a world-class education and an experience that transforms their personality and intellect to make them global citizens of tomorrow. This extends beyond implementing a top-notch academic curriculum and requires us to develop internationally minded students with an outlook that is broad enough to take into account the diversity that exists in the bigger world.

By educating with a worldwide perspective, we prepare our students for an interconnected world in which they will need to be aware of and familiar with a diverse range of cultural norms, behaviours and traditions.

What are some of the prominent steps GIIS takes to foster international mindedness among students?

Our School Features Multiple Curricula Programmes

GIIS Classrooms 68Students get the choice to select different international curricula at GIIS

By featuring multiple curricula programmes, we allow our students to personalise their educational experience while developing a well-rounded global perspective. The carefully selected curricula programmes designed for an international student body that diversify their knowledge or intellect and widen their thinking horizon. Students at GIIS can choose between the following internationally recognised curricula programmes:

No matter which curriculum programme your child chooses, they will benefit from the learning approach of the base country from which the course has originated. All of these curricula are known for their academic excellence, and students have the opportunity to select courses that best complement their interests, goals and strengths. By featuring multiple curricula programmes, we allow our students to personalise their educational experience while developing a well-rounded global perspective.

GIIS Provides Platforms for Interaction Beyond Local Culture

top international school SingaporeStudents from diverse nationalities mingle with each other 

For students at GIIS, interacting and mingling with people of different cultures comes naturally. This is primarily due to the fact that our international school consists of a diverse student body with students that hail from countries across the world. In addition to our multicultural student body, our school provides platforms that actively encourage students to interact with people who come from cultures different than their own. For example, we have a cultural exchange programme that gives students from other countries opportunities to visit the GIIS campus and enjoy a mutual exchange of cultural information. These innovative events provide students with a chance to discover that people of different cultures often have more similarities than differences.

GIIS Students Have Opportunities to Mingle with the Local Culture

best international school singaporeJPGStudents imbibe local culture through participation in community activities

While GIIS is known for having a multicultural student body, our students also benefit from the fact that our school is situated in Singapore. Singapore is sometimes referred to as the melting pot of the world, and the local culture is influenced heavily by Indian, Malay, Chinese and Eurasian cultures. In order to immerse our students in the local culture that surrounds them, our educators coordinate community service activities. For example, GIIS participates in Racial Harmony, an important event in Singapore in which different cultures within the community have an opportunity to showcase their traditions and lifestyles. By participating in these events, students form meaningful bonds with their peers and vital connections to the community around them.

Our School Actively Celebrates Diversity

We are proud of our multicultural student body, and we feel it is essential to include all of our students in our school wide celebrations. As such, we plan celebrations for many different holidays throughout the year. For instance, in 2019, the GIIS students worked together to put on a performance to welcome the Chinese New Year. Also, the school has celebrated Thanksgiving and Halloween together. Through these fun and interactive activities, students learn more about different cultures and develop an appreciation and respect for their traditions.

As a result of our efforts to offer a global outlook on education, our students are uniquely prepared for life after graduation. They are able to adapt to life in a bigger world quickly. They transition seamlessly to international universities, where they are comfortable connecting with people of different cultures and backgrounds.

For example, one GIIS alumnus left Singapore for Brown University after graduation. Upon arriving at Brown, she was able to join a Bengali Students Club and Daebak dance club. She enjoyed finding a niche where she could continue to pursue her interests, all while meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds at her new university.

For more information about the pedagogy, curricula offered and the versatile environment at Global Indian International School, check out this page

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