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Joyce Kuruvilla
Joyce Kuruvilla February 02, 2021

The Art of Communication


Once you can communicate with yourself, You will be able to communicate outwardly with more clarity. The way in is the way out - Thich Nhat Hanah

Everyone has a language: to express and to understand. As the quote above states, talk to yourself and let the world call you crazy! Then find a way out. Talk to a child in the language of love; care should be the language to be used with the elderly. How can we master the art of communication? Suggestions and tips are many and the next issue is when and how to begin.

 A recent tendency that we see in our present generation is that they spend hours and hours thinking what to say. They focus on the quantity not on its quality. What we say is as important as how we say. Proper strategies of communication should be adopted when we are in a group, leading a team or when we are involved in discussions. So, mastering effective communication skills has turned to be a need for todays generation even in this virtual world.


 Here are the questions to ponder;

  •         Are we communicating with energy, clarity and with empathy?
  •         Are we really using our skills of communication in this digital world?
  •         Do our students get ample opportunities to master communication skills?

It is high time to consider these questions in a broader perspective. The very first thing is that we should realize the significance of the three factors in communication - Energy, Clarity and Empathy. Energy leads to active communication and creates an interest. Clarity avoids misunderstandings. Empathy helps us to know the listener and we can understand if he/she is getting the notion clearly.

Secondly, though technology provides us with various platforms to develop or to improve our communication skills, what we see around is a passive consumption of the facilities provided. The main reasons are stage fear and lack of proper encouragement. The other side of the coin is, our children have a number of options available on the screen to limit their responses with just a click. The digital world that is open to them does not actually demand all those skills required for an effective communication. So, one can easily pretend to be an effective communicator.

Have we ever thought of the real meaning of the term-effective communicator?

GIIS has already started thinking about it and is providing a window of opportunities to the students to improve their,

  •         Verbal
  •         Non-verbal
  •         Written & Visual skills   etc.

The countless events and practices we provide to the students help you realize the significance of being a member of GIIS Family. Our students get a plethora of opportunities to communicate with the students and educators from all over the world. The Global Students Summit is an apt example. The event named Al Tasamuh served as the best rostrum for our learners to express and explore. The other activities include: 

  • Interview Sessions
  • Flip classrooms
  • Gavels club
  • Global Beats (FM Radio)
  • Regular trainings for inter school/inter house/international competitions
  • Leadership Lecture Series etc.   
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Apart from this, we encourage our learners to take part in the classroom activities like role plays, debates, discussion and other activities to hone their verbal, non-verbal, written and visual communicating skills. We produce smart global citizens who grab the opportunities and win. The doors of GIIS, Abu Dhabi that let you in is actually open the door to the world of experiences.

The school also facilitates various extra-curricular activities and provides adequate preparation for various events. We equip our students to face the world with confidence and self-esteem.

GIIS After School Activities (ASA) program helps the learners to actively engage in conversation. We create space for the learners to have productive conversations. Such active conversations have become a part of GIISs routine. These practices are there from the lower classes.

Students here share quality time with each other and with the educators. Communication skills are required in every career path and we serve as an efficient trainer for the students and make them universally competent enough to find their future.

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