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Jaya Chauhan
Jaya Chauhan February 02, 2021

Every child is important & equal opportunity is provided to all


In the world of education it is very crucial to take cognizance of the words of Plutarch The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but a wood that needs igniting. With this mantra in mind, the teachers at GIIS plan their lessons and interactions. A parent expects that when the child reaches school, he should be eager and excited; an excitement to learn something new, an excitement to reach for something better, an excitement to explore the unexplored. He should look up to the school as a place where his teachers will introduce them to something which they will cherish for lifetime. The question is, in todays difficult times where everything has been transformed to online, how equipped are we to fulfill the requirements of our students? With the constraints that this online world has brought with it, are we able to keep a tap on the progress of the improvement graph of each student? The answer is yes, it is possible!

A teacher has one of the best jobs in the world because she gets to work with children who are fun, energetic, creative & insightful. One of the key responsibilities of teachers is to create a common, safe and comfortable environment for students with different starting points; an environment in which all of them can explore and reach their full potential. It is very critical to remember that each student has a skill which is unique to him. Teachers at GIIS strive hard to look for that skill that might be hidden somewhere deep within that child. We ensure to make every student feel that they are special, outstanding and competent. We make a deliberate attempt to act as their supporting framework whenever they feel weak, lost or need guidance. Activities like inter house competitions, Qutuhal, Global Student Summit, Global Student Exchange, School Radio and many more ensure that each student gets opportunities to improve their varied skill sets.

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We believe that the key skill sets required in the 21st century i.e. 6 Cs viz. Choice, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity & Caring go a long way in getting a student groomed. We firmly believe that authentic learning can take place only when students can engage in 6 Cs. In order to develop these skills we engage in multidisciplinary activities, where multiple intelligences can cooperate and produce better results, where the limitations of one student can be overcome through cooperation, where students can learn from each other, each one contributing his/her own specific abilities and competences, so that inclusion is not limited to a few students, who with their presence can actually help all students to experience better and more varied multidisciplinary learning processes.

We strongly believe & follow that Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. Our approach is based on the underlying fact that no child is weak or smart, instead he learns from exposure & right guidance. We are preparing the students for the challenges of real life & we know that the success & failures of an individual are not measured on a standard scale. They are determined based on their ability to handle the challenges that their life throws at them. Hence, in the learning environment we customise the parameters measuring their potential. We plan activities in such a way that it leads to boosting their confidence ensuring that it involves 100% participation from all students.

Jaya Chauhan

GIIS - Dubai

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