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Syed Khaja Mumtaz
Syed Khaja Mumtaz December 06, 2020

Strategies of Value Based Learning in Virtual Classroom

A Strong Foundation of Concepts and Critical Thinking are Key Enablers for Students to Leverage Opportunities.

Life Skills: GIIS students are constantly challenged to think smart and are given the freedom to express their own ideas. They are engaged to partake in activities and make connections with real life situations where they think of a situation while predicting the consequences and make an important decision in the process. Critical thinking allows students to draw conclusions, focus on self-reflection and approach problems in a systematic way.   

Buildup core ethical values: Creativity is an integral element of any primary classroom. Inculcating values in our students through narratives and constantly involving them with the aid of Story Stew to make learning more engaging and developing a growth mindset in the classroom which motivates them to work hard, be positive, improve their problem solving skill, make them learn from their mistakes and to indulge in the good deed behaviour. 


Integrating values in the course of study: Students are guided to learn via activities such as dramas, role plays, debate, inspirational quotes, poetry.  These activities inspire our students to gain an empowering experience of creativity.  The school intends to conduct many such activities where students get to enrich their own perspectives. Students are always encouraged to keep on generating new ideas fostering their creative-thinking abilities. 

Community building Activities: The primary purpose for the students to take part in the schools community building activities is to ensure a deeper sense of responsibility within them. Encouraging students to record and share videos of their hobbies, talents and passions, autobiographical writing, virtual show and tell, Just-Imagine games to take off on flights of imagination that aid them to retrieve information from abstract to concrete and make connections with the real world.  Building students into individuals driven by eco-friendly values is one of the important aspects of our education and GIIS motivates the students to do their bit to protect the environment.


Acknowledgment and admiration:  Students are ardently rewarded for their good work and are praised for putting in their effort, working hard and not giving up which promotes prosocial behaviour. 

GIIS intent of teaching value based learning is all about underpinning everything that we do in an organization with values and making emotional connections with young minds and forming trusting relationships so that they can become more reflective and more self-aware as an individual.


Syed Khaja Mumtaz

Department of English, GIIS, Abu Dhabi

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