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Rekha Varghese, Vice-Principal, SMART Campus
Rekha Varghese, Vice-Principal, SMART Campus October 14, 2020

Bridge Programme – A powerful Beginning to Primary School

Did you know that your child can save an entire academic year and accelerate his or her learning process by joining GIIS for Grade 1 in coming January?

Yes, the students who join Grade 1 in January reap the benefits of a robust Bridge Programme that fast tracks their education and help them leap ahead of their peers.

What is Bridge Programme?

Bridge Programme is GIIS specially designed course for Grade 1 joiners in January. It helps the new joiners accomplish the syllabus of Grade 1 in a matter of three months and move on to Grade 2 in April, as the new academic year starts.

Highlights of Bridge Programme for Primary school at GIIS

  • Separate Classes- Grade 1 joiners in January are grouped in separate classes and undergo the tailor-made Programme which is thoughtfully designed to help them accomplish the concepts in a short time.
  • Small Class Size The classes for the Bridge Programme are small in size so that teachers can pay individual attention and spend more one-to-one time with the students.

GIIS BRidge Programme

Bridge Programme students receive individual attention

Extra Study Material Teachers create exclusive study materials for the students that comprise all the topics in various subjects which will be helpful for them in starting Grade 2.

  • Dedicated Teachers The most experienced primary grade teachers take the onus of making the new joiners adept in Grade 1 concepts in limited time. Based on the experience of teaching the bridge students every year, the dedicated teachers exactly know how to effectively fill the gap and ensure that all the learning outcomes are effectively met.
  • Assessment   A comprehensive assessment is done after the students complete the Bridge Course and move on to Grade 2.

Why join the Bridge Programme at GIIS?

  1. Time saving The top most benefit of Bridge Programme at GIIS is that it fast tracks the educational journey and helps them save an entire academic year. The students stay ahead of their counterparts in other schools and finish their high school a year earlier.
  2. Money Saving Parents save the fees for an entire academic year. For students who join the Bridge Programme in January, need to pay a pro-rated fee for three months and save the entire years expense that they would have paid if their child joined Grade 1 in any other school.
  3. Expertise in offering the Bridge Programme While a few more international primary schools in Singapore do offer the Bridge Programme, but do they have the required experience and expertise? A strong Bridge Programme needs expertise in curriculum design so that it is content rich and does not miss out on essential learning that is required for a smooth transition to Grade 2.
  4. Parents Trust GIIS is a pioneer primary school in Singapore to start offering the Bridge Programme. Since last decade the school is offering the effective Programme to over 200 students every year. Over the years, the Programme has received great appreciation from the parents whose children have benefited by this accelerated mode of learning.

To know more about the Bridge Programme at GIIS, click here.

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