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Sweety Gathani, Member, GCEE Team
Sweety Gathani, Member, GCEE Team August 26, 2020

PROMISE V2 – A Robust Tool to Measure & Monitor School's Performance

In its twenty years of existence, Global Schools Foundation (GSF) has not spared any effort in maintaining highest standard in all aspects of education at schools that are part of the foundation. With all the success that GSF schools have achieved, lets take a deep dive into one of the very effective quality management tools that the organisation devised to monitor and measure the performance of its schools so that there is no lax in maintaining high standard at any point.

Performance Oriented Management and Information System for Education (PROMISE), an award-winning measurement tool for measuring organisational performance, was created in 2009 by Global Centre for Excellence in Education (GCEE), a dedicated team at GSF, that foresees the quality management not only in the area of academics, but other aspects of school as well.


When all the major and minor areas of organisation are under close scrutiny and the effort is to leave no gaps in the pursuance of high standards, then the tool for monitoring and measuring the performance also needs to constantly upgrade and take into account the growing scale and scope of the organisation.

PROMISE V1, was initially implemented in Singapore campuses and helped the schools to attain high level of performance in multiple areas. The testimony to its success lies in the huge number of awards it won from various prestigious organisation.

Under the leadership of Mr Rathin Khandadia, Head of GCEE, PROMISE V1 has undergone an extensive overhaul and has evolved into its latest edition that is PROMISE V2.

Mr Rathin Khandadia says, PROMISE V2 is a far more balanced scorecard related to the collective performance of our campuses, ensuring that each individual campus is brought in line with our institutions core values and Missions of GIIS.

An enhancement of PROMISE 1, it is based on the principles of Unified Performance System and is capable of monitoring quality with respect to each and every function of the organisation, which are our schools. PROMISE V2 has been rolled out in all of the 13 GIIS campuses.

To make it more comprehensive and quantifiable, GCEE has identified six broad parameters for implementing PROMISE V2 in the organisation:

  1. Finance and Business Focus
  2. Customer Focus
  3. Process and Innovation
  4. Business Excellence
  5. Health, Safety Environment and Safety
  6. People Management

These are further divided into total of 47 sub-parameters that comprise the organisational activities at the micro level.

The system enables the GCEE to analyse the performance of our schools each year and vastly improves strategic planning, communication, execution and cross-campus alignment of projects and initiatives, and ensures that standards are met across all the GIIS campuses.

On the basis of data generates through PROMISE V2, GCEE prepares an overall ranking/scoring chart for each campus, which is used by the foundation for incentivising higher-ranking campuses with various rewards and recognition during GSFs Annual summit.

Advantages of PV2

  • An improved data analysis tool which supports DSS (Decision Support System)
  • Quickly detects and pinpoints factors hindering performance and stability
  • Provides 360 degree overview of the organisational performance
  • Facilitates better allocation of resources to organisational subunits
  • Facilitates decision on future assignments
  • Helps in benchmarking value adding process to all campuses
  • It completely defines the organisations mission in terms of measurement and goals

Here is a glimpse of the dashboard designed by Mr Rathin to capture the campus-wise performance analysis, that offers a comprehensive view of Key performance indicators with just a click:


The dashboard helps the management in data visualisation and time management

PROMISE V2 is fetching great results as the performance analytics data motivates various GIIS campuses and all the departments of the organisation to take effective steps to emerge better next time and thus the organisation as a whole gears up towards attaining excellence.

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