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Dr. Heena Rachh
Dr. Heena Rachh May 09, 2020

Next Gen Learning is here


Remember the time when schools were standard size classrooms with wooden furniture, basic facilities, a single teacher and textbook-heavy learning? Education, back then, was designed to meet the needs of the time to arm children to face their future.

Now, times have changed, the education sector has expanded, schools have evolved and expectations of students have grown. A 21st century school does not just need advanced learning material, but also newest tools and innovative methodology to give learners and educators the right ambience for dissipation of knowledge.

Keeping these truths in mind, Global Indian International School has designed their new 21st century SMART Campus. The school has key state-of-the-art focus areas which will be the core parts of our new campus. The idea is to provide NextGen learning which thrives on new ways of discovering students' potential and opening up their world to the possibilities of tomorrow.

Virtual Classroom Connectivity

Virtual classrooms are either web-based or software-based learning environments, wherein social media tools allow learners and instructors to interact through virtual discussion boards. They are also used as a distance-learning platforms which incorporates course material, homework, tests and other tools outside the physical classroom.

So why is this important for GIIS students?

Virtual classrooms break down many barriers to education. Students have remote access to lectures, and the flexibility to attend classroom discussions or collaborative learning activities from alternate locations. They actively engage with peers and educators from around the globe, which gives the students exposure to ideas that could expand their horizons, and help them build a network which can be helpful in the future.

The focus is to provide them with a playground so huge, that students will have the necessary space to explore, invent and innovate at their own pace and in their own time. This is empowerment at its best.

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Innovation can make our students Entrepreneurs, and vice-versa!

Over the last decade, the world economy has changed rapidly thanks to one breed of individuals who strode into our lives with flair. They were named: the disruptors. However, there are no negative connotations to this term in the larger scheme of things.

Disruptors are individuals, who by the power of their imagination and their self-belief, changed the way people do everyday things. Banking is no longer a long wait before the cashier's desk, taxis are being hailed from the comfort of one's sofa, and shopping is just click of the button away. These systems are the product of an innovative idea which was nurtured as a seed and allowed to grow into a huge tree that is now providing shade to all.

This is exactly what our Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is all about. It is a space which allows our students to be innovators and entrepreneurs.

At GCIE, our students are encouraged to think out of the box, find new ways of overcoming old problems. They receive world-class training on business principles and what it takes to launch a successful start-up company. They are walked through the stages of conception and ideation, and then given the opportunity to create powerful pitches for potential investors. They are trained to speak with confidence, sell their ideas to industry experts and be the entrepreneurs that the future world will require.

The idea is to flame the sparks in them to start a bonfire which will provide light and warmth to the whole world.

In conclusion..

The GIIS SMART Campus is a new age school that is the need of the hour, and our aim is to spread and replicate our ideas around the world for the benefit of more and more students to make them global citizens of the future.

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