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October 19, 2018

Gandhi Jayanti observed with great respect at GIIS Bangkok


BANGKOK, 2 October 2018: Gandhi Jayanti was commemorated with great enthusiasm at the Bangkok campus with the overall message of peace, love, and goodwill being inculcated among pupils.

Principal Ms. Sopa Sittisruang and Vice Principal Ms. Sumita Jolly paid floral tributes at the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, whose 150th birth anniversary year will be observed until Oct 2, 2019.

GIIS got the opportunity to participate in the observance of the International Day of Non-Violence at UNCC, Bangkok on that auspicious day. UNNC, Thailand planned to have a one-year celebration as the homage to the great man, India’s most important contribution to the world. GIIS is the only Indian school who got the prestigious invitation to attend the programme.

H.E. Mr. António Gutierrez, Secretary-General of the United Nations sent a message on the occasion which was presented by Officer-in-charge of UNESCAP.

Vice Principal Ms. Sumita Jolly, Vice Principal of Kindergarten section Mr. Cyril Rodriquez Ibanez, Ms. Shikha  and selected students from the school went to United Nations Building, Rajadamnern Nok Avenue, Bangkok, joining into the ceremony.

It was truly a great and inspiring experience for the school to be a part of an international celebratory observation.




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