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January 31, 2019

Annual Sports Day at GIIS Bangkok gets enthusiastic participation


BANGKOK, 31 JANUARY, 2019: GIIS Thailand held its Annual Sports Day on 23rd January. The entire school commune made the day wonderful by their active participation and sportsmanship.

The arena was all set for the students to show their athletic zeal. The warm and dry weather was ideal for the sports events. The sports day started with march past by the four platoons - Chrysanthemum, Hibiscus, Orchid and Sunflower. The Principal, Mrs Sopa Sittisruang welcomed the gathering and emphasised the importance of sports in a child's life.

Students of Kindergarten to Grade 9 competed in events including sprints, relays, lemon spoon race, sack race, obstacle race, and skipping race. Once the races began, the air was filled with cheers and encouragement from the audience for the young athletes. The house scoreboard was updated with changing scores and winning status.

After a well-earned lunch, the participants and audience made their way to the indoor sports-court for the afternoon events. Despite a windy start, the weather gradually changed and it turned into a scorching afternoon.

Students freely enjoyed several novelty games like chair ball and water balloon volley without getting concerned about being drenched. Teachers also enjoyed these games a lot.

After a tensed wait, the results were announced. All teams performed wonderfully, but overall Orchid house triumphed and claimed the trophy, with the Sunflower house a close second.   

The team spirit, enthusiasm, and commitment of every student made the day a real pleasure.

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