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February 02, 2019

Water can walk upwards, pinwheel can sense wind energy and colours can disappear in water


BENGALURU, 29 JANUARY, 2019 - A fun-filled Thinking Thursday activity awaited the small wonders yet again. Nursery children did the Pinwheel activity to identify wind energy or the presence of wind/air around them. They made the pinwheel using paper curls in a way that the wheel was attached to its axle using a pin. Just like aspiring cute little engineers, they were able to locate where and how their pinwheel worked best by testing it in different areas of the playground.

The Walking water activity for KG 1 children was meant to show the students water can flow upwards. The curious little ones poured water first on the trays to observe how water runs down from up, and how it doesn't move when it was poured at the bottom of the tray. After that the kids prepared coloured water by adding food colours. Then the tissue papers were folded and had been placed in the glasses from one glass to the other. The kids observed how the water started moving up through the tissue.

The KG 2 students watched the colour disappearing in water in an experiment where drops of food colour was first added in water followed by gradual drops of bleach. In due course, they could see that due to the chemical reaction the colour vanished and the water appeared crystal clear.

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