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February 29, 2020

Pre-primary kids make snowstorm, balloon boat and also observe when lemons sink and float

In the month of January, Thinking Thursday activities for the kids were fun-filled and at the same time innovative for the kindergarten kids of Global Indian International School, Whitefield. Nursery kids learned about the concept of floating and sinking of things with the help of lemons. The idea was to show that a whole lemon would float while a peeled lemon when placed in water, would sink.

KG 1 made a snowstorm in a glass. They used vegetable oil, white paint, clear glass tumbler, vinegar, warm water and bicarbonate of soda. These things were put in measured quantities in the glass half filled with oil. Due to the chemical reactions and the density difference of oil and water, the result was a white snowstorm that left the children amazed.

The simple Balloon Boat made by the children of KG 2 was exciting as they made an amazing toy based on Newton’s third law where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The children used recycled mushroom containers, hole punch, plastic straw, rubber band, balloon, hot glue and water for the experiment. The process was conducted under the guidance of the teachers and every step was explained perfectly. The balloon boat helped in experimenting with air power and they could also feel the air when the wind blew in a particular direction.

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