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December 19, 2019

Patterns with crayons, unlocking padlocks and creating 2 D shape models attract Math Magic young enthusiasts

Math Magic activities are very beneficial for the smart champs of GIIS Whitefield as this helps them get friendly with math, numbers, patterns, strategic thinking and spatial skills.

Nursery kids this time created colour patterns with crayons. Teachers placed different coloured crayons on the box and explained to them how to place it in sequence and make patterns. With these activities, children were able to identify the colours, patterns and sequence.

KG 1 students did unlock the padlock activity. Children matched numbers of dots on the keys to the numbers on the padlock. Children were able to count and match to the correct numerals and they were thrilled to open the right lock. This activity enhanced their concept of quantification and matching numerals helped them develop problem-solving skills, fine motor and gross motor skills.

Students of KG 2 constructed 2D shape models. They played with different kinds of 2D shapes and tried to build unique, creative models. They were also given picture cards to recreate the same designs using 2D shapes. The confidence level of children increased very much once they were able to recreate the models using these shapes. They also learned to discuss and conclude a situation to achieve a result with this group activity.

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