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April 23, 2021

GIIS Whitefield students vow to ‘Restore the Earth’

Earth Day is probably the favorite of all our students at GIIS Whitefield as this is an opportunity for them to express their love for Mother Nature. The theme this year to ‘Restore our Earth’ was an extension to the pledge that people took to Unlock Nature, last year. The bond of friendship between humans and Nature has become very strong because of the steps taken towards solving climate change issues or for eradicating plastic pollution or saving trees from being cut down to make way for setting up concrete jungles across the globe.

Primary grade students were engaged in many activities around the theme. The importance of the ozone layer was explained by the students through pictorial representations and handwritten details. The ozone layer was personified beautifully as the shield which saves us from harmful ultraviolet radiations reaching the earth from the Sun. As part of the theme, they also did the seed ball-making activity, in their homes, wherein, students learned the new way of preserving and dispersing seeds to help in planting more variety of fruits around their garden.  Another creative and interesting activity was having to make Rakhi using the raw materials available at home. Then they were to tie the personalized Rakhi to a tree. This was a wonderful thought of making a tree their sibling so that they would always take good care of them.

In fact, it is seen that there are many activities that children do, every month, as part of their iCare activity, to reinstate their companionship with the beautiful Nature. Let’s restore Nature, to recreate the joy of breathing the freshness of life each and every day with Nature. We at GIIS Whitefield always believe that it is very important that children understand the need to restore Nature, in all the possible ways towards creating a greener environment. In fact over the years, it is seen that small gestures to safeguard the Nature around us, have helped us progress towards creating an environmental balance.

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