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November 16, 2023

GIIS Smart Campus Bannerghatta karate champs shine at State and International Championships!

In a display of exceptional skill and determination, the young martial artists from GIIS Smart Campus Bannerghatta showcased their prowess at both the Karnataka State Karate Championship 2023 and the 2nd Shorin Horin Kai Cup International Karate Championship 2023, garnering a commendable collection of medals.


The talented Rishik J Reddy, a student of ‘V’-A, secured the Bronze Medal at the Karnataka State Karate Championship held at Sea School Auditorium, Ayyappa Nagar. Meanwhile, his schoolmate Lakshya J Reddy, a ‘IV’-A student, triumphed with the Gold Medal in the same competition, demonstrating extraordinary skill and determination.


Taking the spirit of competition to the international level, Danshika B of ‘IV’-A dazzled at the 2nd Shorin kai cup International Karate Championship in Mysore. Danshika clinched the Bronze Medal in Kumite and secured the Silver Medal in Kata, showcasing a perfect blend of agility and technique.


Not to be outdone, Akash S Nair of ‘VI’-A, Purav Praneeth of ‘VIII’-A, Thanvi Sasidhar of ‘III-B’, and Arnav Kiran Kale of ‘VI’-A brought home an impressive array of medals from the same prestigious international event. Akash secured the Gold Medal in Kata, while Purav excelled with a Bronze Medal in Kumite and a Silver Medal in Kata. The young talents Thanvi and Arnav left an indelible mark by clinching Bronze Medals in Kumite and securing Silver and Gold Medals in Kata, respectively.


The GIIS Smart Campus Bannerghatta karate enthusiasts have undoubtedly carved their names in the annals of martial arts, reflecting the school's commitment to nurturing holistic development and sporting excellence among its students.


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