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December 21, 2018

The rising Kudo Champion Aatman Upadhyay, bags a Bronze at the Nationals!

Aatman Upadhyay of Grade 7 of GIIS Ahmedabad recently participated at the Kudo Boys U-14, 64th National School Games Federation of India (SGFI).

The Tournaments were held at Sagar, Madhya Pradesh over a span of five days in December 2018, wherein the budding champ secured a Bronze Medal.

Earlier, he had participated in the State Level Kudo U-14, -52 Kg Category which was held at Navsari, Gujarat where he made the state proud by bagging a Gold Medal.

Prior to these achievements, he has also participated in several State, National and International Kudo Tournaments organized by Kudo International Federation of India and Kudo Association of Gujarat.

GIIS Ahmedabad is extremely proud of him and his mentor Mr. Poojan Shah.

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