December 06, 2018

India campuses win several awards in the RWCC 2018 Prejudged Events

INDIA, 01 DECEMBER, 2018 - RWCC Singapore is all set to roll and so are our students from GIIS Indian campuses, who are already in Singapore. The finale for the Real World Challenges Convention (RWCC), 2018 recently got concluded and our students have performed with all their heart and soul for on-the-spot events. Our students competed with students from other GIIS campuses across Asia and UAE. Besides the competitive tide going high, there is also a stride of happiness across GIIS India campuses for our students have done exceptionally well in the pre-judged events too.

While we will shortly be publishing the results of the Finale, let’s have a look at the result sheet of the pre-judged events:

 Campus Name  Event Name  Category  Rank/Position
 GIIS Ahmedabad    Li’l Mavericks  Pre-Primary (PP)  2nd Runner Up
 Art Competition  Lower Primary (LP)
 Winner & Merit Certificate
 Upper Primary (UP)  Merit Certificate
 Innovative Social & Commercial Entrepreneurship Challenge
 Secondary (SEC)  1st Runner Up
 Adzapp  Secondary (SEC)  2nd Runner Up
 Digital Collage  Middle School (MS)  Winner
 Secondary (SEC)  Winner
 App Creation    2nd Runner Up
 GIIS Balewadi (Pune)
 Art Competition  Lower Primary (LP)  Merit Certificate
 Digital Collage  Middle School (MS)  2nd Runner Up
 GIIS Bangalore  Li’l Mavericks  Pre-Primary (PP)  Winner
 Lower Primary (LP)  Winner
 Innovative Social & Commercial Entrepreneurship Challenge
 Secondary (SEC)  2nd Runner Up
 Digital Collage  Secondary (SEC)  1st Runner Up
 App Creation    1st Runner Up
 GIIS Chinchwad (Pune)
 Li’l Mavericks  Lower Primary (LP)  2nd Runner Up
 Educator’s Perspective  TCH  Winner
 Art Competition  Upper Primary (UP)  Merit Certificate
 Essay Competition  Senior School (SS)  2nd Runner Up
 Secondary (SEC)  2nd Runner Up
 Innovative Social & Commercial Entrepreneurship Challenge
 Secondary (SEC)  Winner
 Innovative Social & Commercial Entrepreneurship Challenge
 Senior School (SS)  1st Runner Up
 Adzapp  Secondary (SEC)
 Winner & 1st Runner Up
 Middle School (MS)  1st Runner Up
 GIIS Indore  Art Competition  Upper Primary (UP)  Merit Certificate
 Digital Collage  Secondary (SEC)  2nd Runner Up
 App Creation    Winner
 Game Creation    Winner
 GIIS Noida  Essay Competition  Senior School (SS)  Winner
 Innovative Social & Commercial Entrepreneurship Challenge
 Senior School (SS)  2nd Runner Up
 Adzapp  Middle School (MS)  Winner
 GIIS Surat  Game Creation    1st Runner Up

A big congratulations to all the participants and winners. Their glory has undoubtedly made us proud and delighted.

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