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May 22, 2024

Career Day is organised at GIIS Ahmedabad to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world applications

Global Indian International School (GIIS), Ahmedabad organises events that provide its students with exciting opportunities for holistic learning. In this vein, Career Day 2023 was organized at GIIS Ahmedabad for grades 8 to 10 students to explore various career options in the fields of hospital management, defence services, medical sciences, and space science and technology.

GIIS Ahmedabad Career Day 2024 began with a ritual of lighting the lamp by guest speakers and school management. Ms Neha Lal - General Manager at Adani Healthcare, Mr. Shakti Singh - Ex-Navy personnel, Dr. Kalrav Mistry - Psychiatrist at Shalby Hospital, and Dr Aabha Chhabra - HOD of Respond and Research Management, ISRO gave students an insight into different career paths available.

Career Day session on Hospital Management

Ms. Neha Lal commenced the Career Day session on hospital management. She works as a General Manager at Adani Healthcare. During the session, students gained invaluable insight into the intricacies of managing healthcare facilities and the essential skills required in this field. The students dived into the hospital management courses covering various topics to prepare individuals to handle administrative, financial, operational, and strategic aspects of running a hospital or healthcare organisation. 

Career Day on National Defense Services

With an experience of 15 years, Mr. Shakti Singh, an ex-navy personnel enlightened the students about the career opportunities in the defence sector. The interactive session with Mr. Shakti Singh highlighted defence not as a vocation but as a lifestyle. He mentioned the wonders, adventures, respect, and benefits of social life that a defence personnel leads. The students felt motivated to consider the NDA, IMA, and CDS examinations for a brighter future.

Medical Sciences Career Day 

Dr. Kalrav Mistry, the psychiatrist at Shalby Hospital captivated the audience with his session on medical sciences. In his session, he emphasised diverse avenues within the medical field focusing on the importance of empathy and dedication in the healthcare professions. Held at GIIS Ahmedabad Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH), the career day on medical services featured a variety of events open to all students who would like to learn about jobs in counselling, health care, human services, public health and social work.  

Space Science and Technology

The main highlight of the Career Day event was the Space Science and Technology session by Dr. Abha Chhabra, Head of Respond and Research Management Division, ISRO. Dr. Chhabra is an expert in space exploration and research, inspiring students to pursue careers in STEM fields, particularly space science.

Career Day and other such events at GIIS Ahmedabad provide experiential learning opportunities that enhance student creativity and holistic development. GIIS Ahmedabad sets a new benchmark in the realm of education.

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