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Abu Dhabi
November 30, 2020

Virtual Sports Day - ATHLETA 2020- 21

Sports day is an important event as it encourages the significance of physical exercise for the student. Physical activity increases metabolism and is good for health. Playing a sport regularly keeps children fit forever.   

During the COVID-19 pandemic, where most of us were reluctant to walk out of our house, we realized the necessity of having Sports Day more than ever. It is more important for kids to be as active as possible. Doing physical movement, such as walking or stretching, helps ease muscle strain, relieve mental tension and improve blood circulation and muscle activity.

Keeping this in mind GIIS, Abu Dhabi conducted “Athleta 2020” virtually on 26th November with great zest.  

Sports day was announced much in advance for students to have ample time to prepare themselves physically and mentally. Various innovative games were planned to focus on the development of the gross motor skills and the mental agility of children.

On the day of Athleta, students were geared up with the sports track pants, T-shirt and cap to perform the activities.

First, they made a badge for the Sports Day 2020-2021 and wore it with joy. Students watched glimpses of last year’s Athleta 2019 where they had a visual experience of athletics in the physical school.

Different activities like Tee Juggle, Lemon and Spoon, Speed Bounce, Throw, Clap & Catch, etc. were played one after the other. Parents and teachers encouraged the children by clapping and cheering for them. It was an immense pleasure to see our little champs perform the activities with great energy and enthusiasm.

The main objective of this annual sports day was to bring out the sportsman spirit in all the students and that was well accomplished.

All the students, parents, and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the day.


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