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November 23, 2018

Teachers dress up as popular figures to celebrate Childrens' Day


Abu Dhabi, 20th November 2018: Teachers in Abu Dhabi kindergarten dressed up as social figures and popular characters on the occasion of Childrens' Day, and presented an assembly where all the children learnt the values that each fairytale character portrayed. 

The assembly skit commenced with a teacher dressed as Pandit Nehru taking kids to a journey where they meet Dora with her map, Lion King, Little Red Riding Hood, Masha, Tinker Bell, Mowgli, Elsa, Anna, Christopher, Sophia the Princess and Sophia the Princess. 'Pandit Nehru' explained about values like sharing, Patience and being humble to name a few.

The innovation in presentaion and taking the concept to the child in the most child releavent manner is what was appreciated by one and all. The children not only got the message but enjoyed watching their teachers bringing story books to life. The assembly culminated with words of praise from the Principal Dr Heena Rachh.





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