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February 19, 2020

Spellathon competition

A spelling competition can spark a love of language and learning in children that will serve them well throughout their entire lives. The literacy, cognitive and life skills that they develop through study and competing have benefits far beyond the scope of mere spelling ability, reaching into every aspect of life and communication. Participants will also have the necessary language tools to better convey their own ideas through both written and verbal communication.

Spellathon consisted of three rounds. In the first round, students had a dictation of 25 words which was conducted for all students from grades 1-4. Those who qualified, had the opportunity to attempt the second round ie, preliminary round. Participants here had to answer a worksheet which had different exercise like jumbled letters, crossword and circle the correct spelling. It truly tested the linguistic skills of the students. The qualifiers of the second round moved on to participate in final round which is the oral or the knock-out round.

Below mentioned are the winners from grade 1 to 4.

Grade 1

1st position - Inaaya Phoplankar

2nd position - Aarav Sudhir and Sakinah Zahra

3rd position - Prasanna Muthuchamy

Grade 2

1st position - Sooryanath Kunnungal Sajan

2nd position - Mohammed Omar Saleem

3rd position - Anum Asiya Afsal

Grade 3&4

1st position - Tanush Vaid

2nd position - Tejas Prasanth Nair

3rd position - Advay Rajesh

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