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February 26, 2020

Special assembly on traffics rules

Road rules are paramount to our safety and it is never too early to start learning about them. The tiny tots of Kindergarten had put up an assembly on Traffic Rules and its importance.

The assembly began with the thought for the day, followed by a skit. The skit revolved around vital rules to be followed on the road. Students presented some of the key traffic rules in a very easy to understand and interesting way. The concept of the traffic signal lights, danger of using mobile phone while driving, following sign boards like stop, no horn, etc. and using the pedestrian crossing were explained. The message was delivered very efficiently and effortlessly, as each student understood the importance of traffic rules and the dangers of overlooking them.

The conclusion was a song were the importance of the traffic rules were reiterated.It was an informative assembly where a very valuable life skill was taught in an interesting manner and all students participated joyfully.

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