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Abu Dhabi
October 30, 2023

Science Genius was organised for GIIS Abu Dhabi's KG learners!

The Kindergarten learners of GIIS Abu Dhabi had the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of science through a week-long series of events. The "Science Genius" programme aimed to make science come alive for the students by incorporating hands-on experiments into their learning experience. Some of these experiments were even taken outdoors, allowing the young learners to connect with nature and explore the world around them in a practical and engaging manner.


With eyes wide open and hearts full of wonder, the KG learners actively participated in these experiments, unleashing their boundless curiosity. Whether it was observing the magic of mixing colours, discovering the secrets of buoyancy by floating objects, or understanding the power of simple machines, these young minds were fully immersed in the world of science.


Students were given experiments to explore at home, encouraging them to apply what they had learned in the classroom to their everyday lives. The enthusiasm with which these tasks were embraced reflected the genuine interest and understanding that had been sparked by the hands-on experiences.


Science Genius was more than just a programme; it was an opportunity for the young learners to discover the magic that science holds, inspiring them to pursue further knowledge and exploration.


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