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December 01, 2018

Primary students showcase importance of books at Annual Day 2018


Abu Dhabi, 24 November 2018: Students of Lower Primary Section celebrated their Annual Day on 24th November on the theme ‘Books  - A Portable Magic’. Mr. Anuj Swarup the Third Secretary in Education Information and Culture, Wing Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi was the chief guest.

Principal Dr. Heena Rachh extended a warm welcome to all present and presented the Annual Report. Mr. Amol Vaidya, Senior Director Operations Global School Foundation gave a quick insight into the initiatives taken up by the school to prepare students as Global Citizens.

The young artistes of Gr. 1 and 2 brought out the importance of reading through the ‘Musical’ a colourful array of dances & actors interlacing the show with short skits.

Imagination of Superheroes, Fables, Fairy tales, Adventure, Science& Fiction dances revealed how children are transported to a land of imagination. They also helped the audience to realize that reading comics is the best way to spice up their lives provoking the thought processes of the participants as well as the audience. The idea of working steadily and consistently   to achieve success was brought out through the dance drama of ‘Hare and the Tortoise’.

Fiction & science the essence of the modern world imparted that fiction has a relationship with the principles of science and these stories involve partially true fictitious laws or theories of science.

Orchestra highlighted the day with the little ones playing the table, saxophone, Keyboard, Violin - a symphony well-coordinated.

The day culminated with the Candle dance that depicted Knowledge the light of life and reading books spread this light for the brighter paths in life. 

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