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Abu Dhabi
March 31, 2021

Mathlete for Kindergartners

Pure mathematics is in its way, a poetry of logical ideas. Mathematical reasoning is a critical skill that enables a student to make use of all the mathematical skills. With the development of mathematical reasoning, students recognize that concepts and calculations make sense and can be understood. Students learn how to evaluate situations, select problem-solving strategies, draw logical conclusions, develop and describe solutions and recognize how those solutions can be applied.       

  We at GIIS understand that math is not only about numbers and equations but about understanding concepts. With this motivation, GIIS AbuDhabi conducted the first ever virtual math competition - Mathlete for Kindergartners on 3rd March, 2021.  The competition was conducted with the help of Artificial Intelligence and a quiz was introduced to the students. 

The teachers and the students were face to face via a virtual platform so that there would be no room for error. The questions ranged from simple to one which required critical thinking and counting with logic. Students were excited and enjoyed being a part of the competition. The competition was performed under a set time limit which enabled the students to think on their feet and tickle their brain cells. Winners were selected based on the number of correct answers submitted and how quick they replied.  Certificates were distributed during class hours. 


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