January 22, 2020

KG students participate with enthusiasm in Athletica

The idiom “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” holds true even for the young learners. Sports, whether team-based or individual, are great for children as they provide not just physical activity, but also help build children’s self-esteem, confidence, social skills and motivate them to excel in life. In recognition of the importance of sports in a child’s life, GLOBAL INDIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, ABUDHABI celebrated its Annual Sports Day, AHLETA 2019-2020

During the fun-filled day, children along with their parents participated in various races, drills and exercises. The day started with a March Past by all students of KG II. The students entertained the audience with a spectacular Aerobics dance where they performed on groovy and peppy song. Children participated in large numbers in engaging and innovative races like Hurdle Race, Rabbit Hopping Race which got the crowd cheering. Kids were enthralled indulging in many activities. Children invited their parents to participate in special race, sorting race. It was exhilarating to look at little ones cheering for their parents. This was followed by the teachers’ race. The teachers wholeheartedly enjoyed themselves with their students cheering for them. Athleta culminated with Vote of Thanks delivered by KG2 student.

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