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February 06, 2020

GIIS Leadership Lecture Series with Mr.Marouan Aouri

Mr. Marouan Aouri is a man of multidimensional skills with the background of Digital Transformation, as Keynote speaker, Career Mentor, Account Leadership. He is an enthusiastic person with the aim to give proper guidance to young generation in the selection of career path and to set targets for their successful career.

The session given by Mr. Marouan was very productive for the development of students and for the selection of career as 21 jobs of Future.He spoke about the availability of jobs after 20 years and how students can face the challenges of dynamic environment, the job enhancement and innovation in employment opportunities with emergence of technologies.

He appreciated GIIS students investing time and money in proper field as by learning online courses with their routine CBSE course such ethical hackers, robotics, artificial intelligence etc…

Session was very informative, interactive and fruitful for GIIS students. They were very happy and contented with the information given by Mr. Marouan to them. Students participated in question answer session and won prize by Cognizat and team.

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