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Abu Dhabi
May 20, 2022

GIIS, Abu Dhabi students secured second position in Innovation & Sustainability challenge under Harvard undergraduate Clean Energy group.

Raising the bar of victory, students of GIIS, Abu Dhabi have secured a tremendous victory in one of the leading competitions. Suraj, Tanish and Ayush of Grade 12 acquired second position in Innovation & Sustainability challenge under Harvard Undergraduate Clean Energy Group. 


Transitioning into efficient and sustainable non-fossil solutions calls for the accumulation of clean and green energy. At GIIS, we believe that nuclear energy is one of the most effective ways to harvest energy while also curtailing carbon footprints. In contrast, the dependence on nuclear energy will cause problems in the treatment and nuclear waste.  The winning team found a solution for this problem by using Geobacter bacteria which makes protein filaments that zap the uranium and immobilize it in a mineral form. They also made the prototype of the facilities required to implement this solution and submitted report on necessary cost and market research.?


The win added one more feather in the incredible achievements of GIIS, Abu Dhabi and will also encourage students to participate in renowned competitions.


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