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Abu Dhabi
November 29, 2023

GIIS Abu Dhabi students celebrated Science Day through insightful activities!

Higher-grade students at GIIS Abu Dhabi recently elevated their scientific pursuits to new heights during the Science Day celebrations. The symposium, a vibrant ode to scientific curiosity and discovery, showcased the students' active involvement in groundbreaking research and engaging discussions. Witnessing the passion with which these students embraced science through inquiry and innovation was truly inspiring, reflecting the promise of a future shaped by brilliant young minds.


Meanwhile, the younger cohort of primary and middle-grade students at GIIS Abu Dhabi explored the wonders of science on World Science Day through a spectacular Science Fair. The event served as a platform for students to delve into the fascinating realm of science by presenting models, conducting experiments, and testing hypotheses.


The fair successfully emphasised that science is a dynamic and engaging journey, inviting students to think, question, and become lifelong learners in the process. 


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