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Abu Dhabi
November 10, 2023

GIIS Abu Dhabi hosted the 8th edition of Al Tasamuh!

The 8th edition of Al Tasamuh brought together students from across the UAE at GIIS Abu Dhabi. This annual event has become a beacon of creativity, talent, and unity, showcasing the incredible skills of young learners.


Al Tasamuh, a tradition that began seven years ago, has consistently championed the universal values of peace and tolerance. This year, the event embraced the theme of sustainability, aligning with the visionary goals of the UAE. Students not only showcased their artistic and intellectual prowess but also demonstrated a commitment to addressing global challenges through sustainable initiatives. This emphasis on sustainability reinforces the role of the younger generation in contributing to a more environmentally conscious and responsible future.


Following an incredible showcase of talent and creativity, the winning trophy was proudly claimed by Dunes International School Abu Dhabi. GIIS Abu Dhabi secured the second-place, while Private International School celebrated their achievement in third place. The winners' announcement marked the culmination of a day filled with celebration, unity, and recognition of the students' outstanding contributions.


As the UAE continues to inspire future leaders, events like Al Tasamuh play a pivotal role in nurturing creativity, promoting unity, and aligning young minds with the nation's visionary goals.


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