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Abu Dhabi
May 27, 2022

GIIS, Abu Dhabi activities to foster early childhood personality development

GIIS, Abu Dhabi emphasizes the importance of personality development for students at an early age. To ensure this GIIS, Abu Dhabi conducted events for Grade 3 and 4 students. 


Students participated in a productive session on de-stress and anxiety reduction methodologies. An interaction with the student counselor, teachers and friends helped them share their points of concern.


Adding to the series of personality development events, a self-hygiene program was carried out by the school Nurse sharing the essential hygiene practices that children should follow from an early age. The session included the hygiene practice to be followed at home, school and general spaces. The activity also included precautionary measures of Covid and sensitizing students on following the same.


When a student is well-groomed and understands how to conduct themselves, it becomes easier for them to be more confident. Through interactive activities and qualified mentors GIIS, Abu Dhabi provides great learning experiences in a fun environment for children to learn and master crucial concepts of life.



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