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Abu Dhabi
December 29, 2023

Christmas celebrations across grades were organised at GIIS Abu Dhabi!

The Christmas spirit came alive as the Kindergarten students stepped into a winter wonderland handcrafted by their dedicated teachers at GIIS Abu Dhabi. The atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement as the little ones explored the setting created just for them. From twinkling lights to whimsical decorations, every detail was carefully curated to provide a magical experience for the young learners.


Moving beyond KG, the Christmas celebration at GIIS Abu Dhabi extended its cheer to the primary and middle grades. Students from these levels took part in Christmas-themed assemblies. The assemblies were a spectacular display of talent, featuring heartwarming performances, skits, and presentations that captured the essence of Christmas. 


As the festive season was celebrated within the school premises, it was evident that the Christmas celebrations at GIIS Abu Dhabi fostered a sense of community and unity. 


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