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July 07, 2017

Inter - House Hindi Extempore Competition for Grades 1-5 of GIIS Surat


Extempore competitions are meant to develop presentation and communicative skills among students. It’s believed that students get the ability to handle situations promptly as one is not at all prepared, and become able to prioritize the situations, thus displaying logical thinking abilities. Extempore also gives students a chance to improve their overall presentation skills i.e. body language, confidence, poise, etc.

Promoting use of our national language Hindi, Global Indian International School (GIIS), Surat conducted an inter-house Hindi Extempore competition for students of grades 1-5 in the school premises with much enthusiasm and participation. The preliminary selection for the final round of the competition was conducted beforehand by respective Hindi teachers. The final round for the day was judged by Mr Awaneesh Tiwari (TGT Hindi, GIIS Surat) & Mr Balkrishna Pandey (TGT Hindi, GIIS Surat). Students were judged on the rubrics like presentation, confidence, fluency, command on language, and presence of mind.

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