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November 04, 2017

GIIS India qualifies for the RWCC-Inter GIIS Quality Circle Presentation finals to be held at Singapore


It’s Singapore calling for GIIS India students!

It gives us immense pleasure in announcing that GIIS India campuses have paved their way into the Real World Challenges Convention 2017– the global competition of the year as one of the finalists for the Quality Circle Presentation. Students from the selected India campus will be representing GIIS India on a global platform i.e. the final event happening on 17th November, 2017 at the GIIS East Coast, Singapore campus.

As the finals are approaching and our students are gearing up for the ultimate showdown, the preparations are on in full swing in respective campuses, to bring the trophy home. With more than 10 categories to participate in, students are preparing harder and gearing up for the most competitive global competition of their time.

Each campus has put in best of their efforts, and will be leaving for Singapore shortly. A total of 75 students from various GIIS campuses i.e. Noida, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Indore, Surat & Pune will be participating in different categories of events happening at the Singapore campus.

Here’s a glance to the final sheet of judgement for the Quality Circle Presentation:

Category MS (Age 11 -13 years) No. of finalists: 4

 MS QC 05  GIIS Balestier  Interactive learning
 MS QC 07  GIIS Pune  Revamped traffic solutions
 MS QC 08  GIIS East Coast  Stumbling blocks to academic success
 MS QC 09  GIIS Noida  Stress and its impact on mental health of school

Category SEC (Age 14-15 years) No of finalists: 4

 SEC OC 12  GIIS Ahmedabad  Coping with challenges of adolescence
 SEC QC 14  GIIS East Coast  Every drop counts
 SEC QC 17  GIIS Noida  Safer place for little ones
 SEC QC 18  GIIS Pune  Social media addiction

Apart from the Quality circle presentation, students will also be competing for Transformation Turncoat, OPUS, and Conference and will be judged on the spot. Final entries for the pre-judged events (i.e. Art & Craft, Adzapp, Essay writing, and business plan) from each GIIS India campus has already been sent and the final result is awaited, to be declared at the RWCC grand finale.

We are super excited and happy as the feeling of healthy competition is running high among GIIS India participants. Here’s wishing good luck to the final bunch of students from the India campuses. May you all perform beyond your capabilities and make us more proud.


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