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October 25, 2017

Budding artists of GIIS Noida exhibit Entrepreneurship and Innovation skills at annual Diwali exhibition 2017


Innovation and entrepreneurship are among the key skill development areas being focused at each GIIS campus worldwide. Each campus at its own level encourages students to create out of the box products which in turn gives them the ability to think bigger and better, and enables them to develop managerial skills too. Students become self-trained in various aspects of a business i.e. they experience the process of preparation to delivery, price management and promotions, sales to maintain records, etc.

With the same intent, and to foster business building skills among students of Global Indian International School (GIIS), Noida, an Art & Craft exhibition cum sale was organized in the campus on 14th October, 2017 in lieu of the Diwali festivities. Beautiful artworks and items were made and put up for sale by students from grades 1-10. The handmade products created by students of the school were master pieces in their own respect as each one had a different theme and message to it.

The preparations for the exhibit had started days before the actual date, and each volunteer was well trained on a technique of their choice (like quilling, fabric painting, etching (with oil pastels), pencil shading, fashion jewellery making using clay, etc.), to make them well versed with various art forms they wanted to present during the Diwali sale show in the campus.

Not only on the typical art and craft techniques, students were also trained on subjects like folder making, block painting, collage work, pattern design making, rangoli design, clay modelling, wall hangings, hand painted diyas, etc. There were indeed a variety of artworks for the visitors to choose from. School students, teachers, parents and staff members were overwhelmed to see such beautifully crafted hand-made pieces, as they bought and booked their favourites during initial hours of the exhibition itself.

The items made for the annual Diwali exhibition had almost no costs involved as most of the materials used were waste items (like used CDS, plastic bottles, cardboard pieces, etc.) and were procured by students from their homes. The theme was to create useful decorative items using waste materials, and to transform them into reusable products like the intricate paper jewellery made to compliment Indian ladies during the festive season.

Twenty students from grade 5 were chosen and trained by the Art & Craft teacher to manage the counters during the exhibition. Each student volunteer took up the managerial task like a pro, and explained about the products to the visitors, staff and faculty visiting the exhibition.

From the last one year, the CCA - Art & Craft club of the school has been raising funds for charity. With all the enthusiasm and dedication, the collection made through this exhibition were Rs.2410/- that has been sent to an NGO working for the welfare of the needy and less privileged children of the city.

The objective of organizing such events at school level has been to primarily encourage students to become a responsible citizen and also make them learn and practice new skills while exposing them to real life environment.

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