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March 01, 2018

GIIS SMART Campus at Punggol a giant step in new age learning, facilities


GIIS SMART Campus at Punggol a giant step in new age learning, facilities

Singapore, 5 March: Global Indian International School (GIIS has announced the opening of a new state-of-the-art campus in Singapore, a giant leap for the school which is reputed for providing holistic education of international standards in 7 countries.

To be known as the GIIS SMART Campus, the new building is an ultra-modern premise with latest digital and pedagogical facilities, including tools and techniques to impart 21st century learning on students to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

After completion of its first phase of construction soon, the SMART Campus will accommodate 3,500 schools in its sprawling 33,000 sqm, seven-storey school which has as many as 130 classrooms for various educational activities.

The school will offer International Baccalaureate, Cambridge IGCSE and CBSE curriculum and Montessori Kindergarten programmes under one roof in the SMART Campus. It will blend academic learning with 21st century skills-based education, designed to inculcate in students a set of four key skills (4Cs) – critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity – that will equip them to face the challenges of the future workforce.

Virtual classrooms will give students access to a network of specialist faculty members, industry leaders and international universities from around the world, while lecture rooms will provide well-designed spaces for students to attend talks and speeches by renowned industry leaders.

In keeping with its SMART theme, the school has also established three centres of research excellence for the students, focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation, robotics and artificial intelligence, and design technology.

The ultra-modern facility will have a solid backbone of 40GB fibre broadband connectivity for wi-fi use, apply technologies like sports data analytics to enhance student performance in sports, and will have smart features like facial recognition to ensure safety of students.

The Campus design is also based on green initiatives, in keeping with GIIS’s social responsibility. These include power saving initiatives like motion sensors, rain water harvesting, NeWater facilities for utilities and using industrial water for emergencies.

“Students and their learning outcomes are at the heart of the design of our SMART campus, which is likely the largest of its kind in Asia and possibly the world, with technologically advanced systems that will enrich our award-winning 9GEMS model of holistic education,” said Atul Temurnikar, Co-Founder & Chairman of GIIS.

“This new campus has also implemented the Small Learning communities concept, which will give students an experience of a small ‘school within a school’ inspired by the Finnish method of education,” he added.

Once operational, by around third quarter of this year, the Campus will be one of the first buildings in the Singapore Government’s planned Punggol Digital District (PDD) which is being developed as a residential, commercial and business district as the city-state implements its Smart Nation initiative.

For more information, please visit: www.schoolofthefuture.sg

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