More than Just IB world toppers

Published on 08 Sep 2016
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One imagines that a world topper would be someone who is constantly buried in their books, however, this is not the case with International Baccalaureate (IB) world toppers from Global Indian International School (GIIS). This year’s world toppers, Rasika Kale and Amitesh Sivaraman, scored a perfect 45/45 in their IB finals but what is less well-known is that their spirit of excellence also manifests itself in music and dance.

More than Just IB world toppersRasika and Amitesh started with GIIS nearly 12 years ago in elementary school and besides sharpening their academic skills, GIIS’ holistic approach to learning means that teachers also groom the students to discover and channel their talents and interest in music, sports and dance. With this approach, the school’s graduates are led to discover, develop and nurture their character and to focus on their contribution to society as they approach important thresholds in their lives and careers.

As summarized by Mr Kamal Gupta, COO & Regional Director (MENA), Global Schools Foundation, “Having our pedagogy based on an integrated holistic learning framework of Nine Gems™, students gain a lot by building an effective learner profile for universities. The strong academic credentials and vast teaching experience of our faculty members forms the backbone of the school’s vision to nurture global citizens of tomorrow.”

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