Pre-primary students enthral by sharp-witted story-telling

Published on 21 Jan 2017
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Story-telling is an art. And, it has been around since over centuries. Stories of history, culture, tradition, religion, ethnicity, kings and queens, mysteries and miracles have been passed on, generations after generations. If there were no stories for us to hear, we would have been in dark about our ancestors and also our origin.

Stories a rich heritage that we pass on to our future generations to come and let them know how the world hundreds of years before, was. Also, when we hear a story, we create in our minds images and visualise the reality of that story. It gives us the medium through which we communicate our thoughts, our knowledge and our personality.

Bringing to the fore, all the said traits, the pre-primary students of Global Indian International School (GIIS) Surat, participated in the ‘English Story-telling Competition’. The little story-tellers weaved intriguing stories of the topics they had selected and held captive, the fellow students, teachers, principal and judges. The students told their stories with detailed expressions, pauses, diction and a little enactment.

It was indeed a commendable presentation of story-telling by children so young!

The students who won the competition are:

Nursery: Umme Kulsum Mosam, Dishan Vareliya and Vansh Patel
KG1: Siddharth Singh, Subhankar Sahoo and Garv Khandelwal
KG2: Pramod Kanwar, Ishika Agarwal and Ssavya Prajapati

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