Van Mahotsav celebrated with anticipation at GIIS Noida; An Eco Club initiative

Published on 11 Jul 2017
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Every year, in the first week of July, a tree planting festival known as Van Mahotsav is celebrated across the country with a lot of enthusiasm and gaiety. The reason behind introducing this festival was to bring out the dire need of plants and trees for human survival, and create awareness about their importance for the present and future generations. Dr. KM Munshi - India’s Union Minister of Agriculture, in 1950 initiated this movement to bring the much required change in human mind set and make them understand the importance of each living organism on this planet.

To bring out the importance of trees and plants for humans and animals, Global Indian International School (GIIS), Noida celebrated Van Mahotsav by conducting a special assembly in the campus, powered by grade 6-8 students of the eco club. Beginning with an informative power point presentation, students discussed about various environmental issues like pollution, global warming, deforestation, etc. The ppt presented also focused on famous movements led by legendary personalities in same regards. Towards the end, students pledged to save and plant more trees.

Moving further, a beautiful and inspiring poem composed by “Azhar Hashmi” named “Vriksho ka vas rahne de” was presented by Syed of grade 6. Moving towards the end of the assembly, a heart wrenching skit on “Saving Forests” was enacted by grade 7 students. The objective was to help humans understand how trees and plants support our living at every stage of life. Trees provide us with shadow, fruits, fresh air, etc. and we still cut them for our selfish motives.

GIIS Noida believes in establishing a personal connect between students and environment through a process of experience, reflection and creation. Special assemblies are a part of this initiative which aim at carving responsible citizens of tomorrow. Eco club of the school focuses on bringing out the much required awareness about preserving our nature and its resources, and utilizing them wisely without much wastage or misuse.

Van Mahotsav week came up to be a great success. The event helped to bring awareness about the green cover around us. It also helped in strengthening the bond between plants and human. Students got to learn a lot and will always cherish the memories of this important occasion.

According to the forest department for every tree felled ten trees should be planted to regain the loss of one. The survival of plants and animals is also put in danger as each and every time a tree is felled or a forest is uprooted. Van mahotsav is thus a widely celebrated festival.

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