Students globally exchange views on 'Peace' through their 3D Models

Published on 30 Aug 2017
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To inculcate and sensitize students with the value of Peace and harmony, a Global Student Exchange (GSE) program was hosted by GIIS Noida in collaboration with GIIS Bangalore and GIIS East Coast Singapore. The theme was to create 3D working models on peace, and present the idea with information that supports their work i.e. videos, speeches, blogs or articles, or skits, etc.

The GSE on peace began with Noida team presenting their work in which they had made a peace model based on four attributes i.e. teamwork, tolerance, unity and universal brotherhood. Grade 7 students from the campus explained each component and its importance in making our country more peaceful and harmonized. They emphasized on human efforts and how laymen like us can make a big difference by inculcating few disciplines like kindness, religious tolerance, etc. in our lives.

To inculcate all the four attributes mentioned above, grade 7 was divided into groups of 4 students each, where each group got an opportunity to craft their ideas into real-time models. Each group worked hard in creating their respective models, depicting values like team work, tolerance and unity. Out of the several models created, two were finalized for the final presentation that happened via video conferencing. The first model signified religious tolerance and the second one depicted cultural integrity. A short video was also shown to bring out behind the scenes hard work of our students. Global Indian International School (GIIS) Noida’s team ended their presentation by singing a heart touching song on the theme peace. The song was all about becoming peace bearers and taking it forward to our future generations, for real peace starts from within and people we are with.

After team Noida, GIIS Ahmedabad and GIIS East Cost Singapore presented their peace models that preached about various elements that are necessary to keep peace and harmony alive in any part of the world. GIIS Ahmedabad opted speech as their supporting material where as GIIS Singapore made posters and hand button paintings on the theme.

The objective behind conducting this activity was to allow students understand the significance of the concept and inculcate humane values. This activity was an attempt to educate students that peace is the most important thing one must work right now on, to be able to live in harmony in future. Also, to encourage living with all castes and religions by establishing peace and harmony.

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