Shapes giving Strength to Buildings/Structures: GIIS Noida wins the Global Students Exchange

Published on 07 Dec 2016
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Did you know that geometrical structures like circles, rectangles and squares can be used to create strong structures like buildings, houses, etc? Testing principles of various mathematical forms and their strength to construct various architectures, a global school exchange was organized between Global Indian International School campuses of Noida, Abu Dhabi, and Queenstown. Grade 5 students from all the three campuses participated in an inter-GIIS competition held via video conferencing.

Each campus was allotted 15 minutes to demonstrate their research, and explain the working of the same through real life models. Students prepared models of houses using circles, triangles, rectangles and squares to create a strong structure. They made power point presentations for explaining the durability index. They shared videos showcasing brainstorming and testing sessions to validate the strength of the shapes used.

Since GSE (Global Schools Exchange) is a virtual phenomenon, i.e. happens via video conferencing, it allowed other campuses to see the presentation and working models of the subject undertaken. Judges and teachers from the other participating locations questioned students to assess their logic and knowledge based on the work shown.

Judges for the afternoon were Commander Bharat Unercat and Architect Priyank Desai who marked our students on the rubrics of logic, presentation and clarity of the topic discussed. All the students had worked hard while preparing for the inter- GIIS Global Students Exchange.

The objective behind conducting this programme was to find out which shape has the maximum capability of sustaining load and pressure in building architecture. Hence, triangle was concluded to provide maximum strength and stability to any structure. GIIS Noida and GIIS Queenstown ended in a tie, followed closely by GIIS Abu Dhabi. It was a rewarding session for all participants as they learnt to collaborate and present as a team.

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