Saluting Labours; GIIS Noida observes May Day

Published on 10 May 2017
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All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.
Martin Luther King Junior

With due solemnity, students and staff of Global Indian International School (GIIS), Noida observed Labour Day in a special assembly conducted to tribute all the labourers of the world.

Beginning the special tribute with morning prayer, students from Darohar Club of the school highlighted values with which labour must be treated in our country and throughout the world. They emphasised on the theme “Dignity of Labour” with an aim of recognizing efforts of the people who work for our welfare and provide us with their valuable services. Through a power point presentation, students of grade 5 discussed important facts about the day and significance behind its celebrations.

Haymarket Massacre that happened in Chicago on 4th May, 1886 was the prime highlight of the special assembly conducted. Children were enlightened in brief about the whole scenario that happened as a consequence of a peaceful rally carried out in support of reducing the work hours, and in reaction to killing of innocent labourers by the police a day before the parade i.e. 3rd May, 1886.

Lauding the ceaseless efforts by the work force of the nation especially at the school, special assembly came to an end with a strong message by Ms. Manisha Bhagee - Academic Coordinator, GIIS Noida. She emphasized and motivated everyone to respect the labour and assure a dignified life for all, irrespective of the kind of work anyone does. She also suggested to acknowledge helping hands around us, for they make our life simpler.

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