Mom - the Epitome of Love and Sacrifices; GIIS Noida salutes Motherhood

Published on 15 May 2017
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Mother - one true soul who watches over her children through thick and thin and yet never gets tired of doing the same till her last breath. It’s rightly said, mothers are the sole bearers of the social well-being of children. Her love and nurturing not only helps children in becoming emotionally strong but also boosts their mental and physical growth patterns for the good.

Remember the time when we all were little toddlers in our mother’s arms, and used to cling to her for every little thing? She use to embrace us with so much warmth and love that no one else could ever come close to that. Saluting the unconditional love and sacrifices mothers do for their children, Global Indian International School (GIIS), Noida celebrated Mother’s Day with great enthusiasm and passion. This tribute was a special gesture made by Grade 1 and 2 teachers to strengthen the bond between a mother and child and take it onto the next level of comfort.

This year’s theme was “Problem Solving” where various activities organized by teachers aimed at instilling the importance of mother in a child’s life through various activities and competitions. The objective behind choosing such a theme was to help children develop and enhance analytical abilities that fosters self-problem solving habits. Activities like tying the shoe lace, covering notebooks, etc. made all the doting mothers and their children take immense pleasure while participating as a team. Concluding the celebrations, students with profound love and gratitude presented handmade cards to their mothers in which they had written their feelings for their lovely mothers.

Heart-warming feelings filled the air with intimacy, gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement- the little ones proudly dedicated a song to their mothers with the help of Mr. Harsh Messy - Music Teacher, who accompanied them in the background score.

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